About JobINTELng

Jobintelng is a platform focused on delivering employment, career, and educational advancement opportunities to Nigerians who are seeking them.

Organized on the purposes of getting the right job vacancies to job seekers throughout Nigeria at the right time, we have organized our website to be an easy-accessible platform for all and sundry. We aim at being the best in its Niche with all features being up to date.

Jobintelng’s main goal is to be the first name that comes to mind when anyone in Nigeria desires the enhanced quality of life that comes with steady, gainful employment and a heart to get updated every now and then.

Asides delivering current and up-to-date Job listings, we also give a load down of useful information and tools to our users and online customers on how to prepare a successful resume/CV, how to write a cover letter, etc as well as delivering mail updates to our subscribers. We disseminate information about scholarships, educational opportunities as well as initiatives and events that can help people advance to a better career in life.

We want our website to be the only place people think of when they are in need for quality employment in Nigeria. Jobintelng is positively impacting lives by delivering job vacancies, career and education advancement opportunities to inboxes daily. We are doing our part to help lower the unemployment rate and get quality job vacancies to employment seekers through out Nigeria and its environs as the case permits.


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