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Fawns Projects Limited (FPL) is a Company registered under the CAC with registration no RC 1354419 to engage in rendering Engineering and Marketing. We are strongly committed to innovation, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

The strength of FPL lies in the diversity of its skilled personnel and shared commitment towards delivering premium service to the satisfaction of our Customers. FPL brings industry-leading innovations, resources, talent, and expertise to our Clients. We apply engineering principles and management skills to a wide spectrum of applications using today’s technology. We empower teams and equip them with necessary supports, trainings, and certifications.


Job Title: Store Officer/Manager In Our Outlet in EKITI
Benin, Edo State

Job Description:

  • Store officer keeps track of information in order to keep businesses and supply chains on schedule.
  • They ensure proper scheduling, record keeping, and inventory control.As warehouses increase their use of automation and computers, clerks will become more adept at using technology. Many clerks use tablets or hand-held computers to keep track of inventory. New sensors and tags enable these computers to automatically detect when and where products are moved, making clerks’ jobs more efficient.
  • Material and product inspectors weigh, measure, check, sample, and keep accurate records on materials, supplies, and other equipment that enters a warehouse. They verify the quantity and quality of items they are assigned, checking for defects and recording what they find. To gather information, they use scales, counting devices, and calculators. Some inspectors decide what to do about a defective product, such as to scrap it or send it back to the factory to be repaired. Some clerks also prepare reports on warehouse inventory levels.
  • Production, planning, and expediting clerks ease the flow of information, work, and materials within or among offices in a business. They compile reports on the progress of work and on any production problems that arise. These clerks set workers’ schedules, estimate costs, keep track of materials, and write special orders for new materials. They perform general office tasks, such as distributing mail, sending faxes, or entering data. Expediting clerks maintain contact with vendors to ensure that supplies and equipment are shipped on time. They also may inspect the quality of products
  • Shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks keep track of and record all outgoing and incoming shipments and ensure that they have been filled correctly. Many of these clerks scan barcodes with hand-held devices or use radio frequency identification (RFID) scanners to keep track of inventory. They may ensure that orders were correctly processed in their company’s computer system. They also compute freight costs and prepare invoices for other parts of the organization. Some of these clerks move goods from the warehouse to the loading dock.
  • Stock clerks and order fillers receive, unpack, and track merchandise. Stock clerks move products from a warehouse to shelves in stores. They keep a record of all items that enter or leave the stockroom and inspect for damaged goods. These clerks also use hand-held scanners to keep track of merchandise. Order fillers retrieve customer orders and ready them to be shipped.

Responsibilities of a Store Officer:

  • Store officers check inventory records for accuracy
  • Store officers keep records of items shipped, received, or transferred to another location
  • Store officers find, sort, or move goods between different parts of the business
  • Store officers compile reports on various aspects of changes in production or inventory


How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should Send their CV’s and Cover Letter to: empytee@gmail.comthis application is only for NCE/OND  holder


Application Deadline 9th June, 2018

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