Massive Recruitment At Bridge International Academies, May, 2016

Bridge International Academies is the world’s largest chain of nursery and primary schools offering high-quality education at an affordable price to families living on less than $2 a day per person.
Our vertically integrated Academy-in-a-Box approach has reengineered the entire lifecycle of basic education, leveraging data, technology, and scale in order to keep quality up and prices as low as $5 a month (on average). Our mission is Knowledge for all. Currently, we have 405 academies in Kenya and 7 academies in Uganda, with more than 120,000 pupils enrolled and we are growing at a rate of one new academy every three days. We are launching in Nigeria this year and India next year. Ten years from now we plan to be operating in at least a dozen countries and to count 10,000,000 children as our pupils.

The following job vacancies are available at Bridge International Academies Nigeria:

  1. Associate,Teacher Training
  2. Curriculum Writer, Nigeria
  3. Global Co-Curricular Director
  4. Global Curriculum Innovation Director
  5. Global Director of Teacher Training
  6. Senior Curriculum Writer, Nigeria
  7. Construction Project Manager
  8. Field Architect, Nigeria
  9. Foreman, Construction
  10. Physical Planning Manager, Nigeria
  11. Quality Inspector, Construction
  12. Quantity Surveyor, Nigeria
  13. Supervisor,Construction
  14. Associate, Customer Care
  15. Ambassador, Nigeria
  16. Area Manager, Nigeria
  17. Associate, Training and Culture
  18. Community Engagement Manager
  19. Global Academy Management Director
  20. Global Director of Customer Strategy
  21. Global Manager of Training and Culture
  22. Manager, Academy Management Tools – Global
  23. Officer, Academy Intelligence – Global
  24. Customer Insight Coordinator
  25. Associate,Real Estate-Nigeria
  26. Officer, Physical Planning
  27. Programme Associate, Real Estate – Nigeria
  28. Associate,Finance
  29. Officer, Information Technology
  30. Legal Associate
  31. Operations Programme Manager
  32. Programme Officer, Operations- Instructional Oversight
  33. Administration Manager
  34. Associate, Quality Assurance
  35. Quality Assurance Manager
  36. Procurement Manager, Nigeria
  37. Supply Chain Director, Nigeria

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